York | Monday 20 Oct 2014
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Out the Box and onto the Canvas: New Visuality Announce Final 'Out the Box' Exhibitions

New Visuality have announced they will be...

4 days ago

New Visuality have announced they will be celebrating the end of their latest project ‘Out the Box’ with a series of experimental exhibitions to be held between 31 October and 3 November.

A Frightful Festival: Celebrate Halloween at York Maze

Hallowscream may be ready to unleash their...

4 days ago

Hallowscream may be ready to unleash their ghouls and spooky happenings on the public, opening its doors tomorrow, but the fun at York Maze doesn’t end there.



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  Charity Coffee Morning

Community | 17/01/14 - 19/12/14

A friendly and sociable event, perfect for anyone, with all the proceeds going to charity.

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Curious About York

Other | £4.99 | 14/02/14 - 31/12/15

Discover York in a different perspective...

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York Castle Prison

Other | 21/02/14 - 31/12/16

The prison at York Castle Museum

Castle howard

Duty Calls: Castle Howard in Time of War

Other | £7.50 - £14 | 22/03/14 - 2/11/14

Step back in time with Castle Howard's exhibition. How did war affect those living in the castle?

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